Fixxxer 6" Cotton Swabs (100 PC.)

Fixxxer 6" Cotton Swabs (100 PC.)

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Use these cotton swabs to clean tight, hard-to-reach spaces and for countless other activities—detailing, gun cleaning, model making, and other hobbies, as well as applying paint, epoxy, or lubrication to jewelry, ceramics, electronics, fabric decoration, arts and crafts, and multiple kinds of projects.

Features of this product include: 
• Pack of 100 
• Overall length: 6” 
• Sturdy wooden handles for extended reach 
• Compacted cotton tip for better durability 
• Single-tipped applicators

Please note: 
These cotton swabs are non-sterile and not meant for medical use.

You will appreciate the quality of FIXXXER products.

Fixxxer LLC is proud to be an American Company. We stand behind our products, period.