Fixxxer Grip Extension S&W Shield, (9mm & .40 CAL)
Fixxxer Grip Extension S&W Shield, (9mm & .40 CAL)

Fixxxer Grip Extension S&W Shield, (9mm & .40 CAL)

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Adding the Fixxxer magazine extension to the magazine is a great asset to firing the gun by giving your next finger a place to rest and greater control.

  • Fix grip extension for S&W shield. Designed for M&P shield 9mm and 40.
  • It will enhanced the ability to manage the recoil, stabilize and add support the gun.
  • The extension does not interfere with concealment.
  • Made from high impact polymer and withstands drop tests at extreme temperatures.
  • Part blends with the contours of the shield and has a factory OEM appearance.
  • Enhances control and comfort without sacrificing conceal ability, forms the next logical finger positioning feature to provide control.
  • Installs Instantly with no tools required.
  • Manufactured by Fixxxer LLC

You will appreciate the quality of FIXXXER products.

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